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Motherhood and Massage: You Deserve It, Mama!

Whether you choose to give or receive, Showing Touch can help you!

Massage is an ancient practice used all over the world that aids in stress relief, promotes full body relaxation, and soothes aches and pains while also improving digestion, physical vitality, and mental focus. The body can transform through manual touch and when you add love to the healing ritual, powerful connections result between the giver and receiver. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I know all too well the effects of massage sessions and their benefit for inner peace, physical relief, and mental relaxation.

My spa clients swear by biweekly and monthly massage sessions for maintenance and rejuvenation. There nothing better than feeling comforted by therapeutic touch. From loyal returns to referring family members and friends, there is no doubt that these adults are convinced by the power that massage holds. Experience for yourself how good it feels, then pass that experience on to your newborn with my Infant Massage courses. Consider it the Family Edition of Self Care: all in the name of of Love.

Therapeutic massage sessions can improve everything from breathing rhythms and posture holds, to joint mobility and muscle relaxation. With pregnancy and delivery being the biggest transformations women undergo, why not honor your temples with luxury pampering for yourself and your newborn? Showing Touch offers Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy sessions as well as Infant Massage courses for parents and families all delivered comfortably in your home. With convenience and comfort at the forefront, how could you not book a session today?

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