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Exceptional Doula Services from Womb to Nursery Room


At the moment of conception, our lives are rooted in connected touch. From eight weeks gestation, the first sense a human fetus develops  is that of touch. Even safely protected in the sacred womb, babies grow a preference for what is comforting. Throughout life, experiences unfold to show us how essential touch is for health, healing, and thriving. As you transition to welcome new life, Showing Touch would like to encourage you to discover new ways to stay connected as a family by bonding though the comfort of touch,  from my heart to yours.

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    Why Choose Showing Touch? 

Insured. Licensed. Bonded. Trusted



On Your New Bundle! 

I'm Tiffany Watson, your Perinatal Doula, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and Licensed Massage Therapist serving families in Saint Louis, Missouri.


I'm excited to offer both Birth and Postpartum Doula Service Bundles with luxury upgrades such as

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Treatments

  • Newborn & Infant Massage Classes for Parents and Families

  • Overnight In-Home Infant Care During the Fourth Trimester


 The Baby is Coming!!!


Change can be different but it doesn't have to be difficult.  Doulas help ease the transition as your family adjusts to life with a newborn. The excitement, the preparation and planning, the anxiety about your new phase in parenthood-all of it, no matter how normal and expected- can be overwhelming...but don't fret! 

We have been doing this for centuries! Historically, families utilized doula services because having extra support during the birth process never hurt anyone. 


Doulas provide non-medical relief and assistance to pregnant women before, during, and after childbirth. Birth doulas typically begin caring for mom several weeks before the expected delivery date. There is preparation to the environment to ensure mom's needs are met prior to baby's arrival so that a pleasant birth experience can be mom's sole focus. Once baby arrives, birth doulas can provide resources to help mom transition into the postpartum phase, but do not service mom for a period of longer than 7-10 days post delivery.


Postpartum doulas, however, are focused on the acclimation experience. Focus is on helping to welcome baby to a safe environment while ensuring mom can care for baby as well as rest herself while she recovers from giving birth. Doulas offer a plethora of evidence-based information regarding baby cues and newborn/infant behaviors, provide newborn care (feeding, diapering), and supportive companionship for mom as she adjusts to hormonal,physical, and social changes experienced after baby arrives. Additionally, doulas encourage moms to eat, bathe, and rest!


Anyone with a newborn knows just how difficult it can be to remember that you matter too!


Rest assured that despite how hectic things may seem right now, you have the family and tools to surpass the moment with clarity. and continued support.

Bella's Story 1

I would love to touch your family wherein doing so, your family will touch mine 


Bella's Story

Inspired By the Incredible Journey of 

Bella Beverly Davis (2017-2018),

Showing Touch LLC was Established in November 2018.

Showing Touch Seeks to Empower Women, Support Transitioning Families, Show the Value of Touch, and Support Other Angels Near and Far Who Are Unable to Touch and Be Touched.


Click here to learn more about Bella's Story and her impact on Showing Touch  LLC as a Hemopghagcyctic Lymphohistiosis Warrior

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💡 Showing Touch Would Like to Highlight 

Liam's Lighthouse Foundation, which supports HLH Research 


 Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio, Home to the Only  Center of Excellence Dedicated to Finding Treatment For

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)​

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The Showing Touch Pledge



Whether Pink Or Blue

This love is so true

Mom, you know what to do

And baby trusts you too!

If you need a hand

Or someone who understands,

I'm the woman for you 

With resources and how-to's about

Infant massage and baby cues,

While comforting Baby Blues

I have tips to ease your labor

So do yourself a favor

It's scary being a mom

But I can help you remain calm

Despite all the voices,

You’ll learn to trust your choices

Don't let anybody fool ya

Motherhood is better with a Doula

                   -Tiffany Watson, LMT

BS, Perinatal Doula,

Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Barefoot Bodyworker,

Reiki Practitioner,

Founder Showing Touch LLC

Meet Your Doula

A Word From Your Doula

I would like you to know that this is a transition for me as it is for you. As a Perinatal Doula and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, it is my intent to treat you as my own family and encourage your family as you adjust to life with a new addition. Being a caregiver comes natural to me. From beicoming a teenage mother, to providing direct personal care to the elderly as a CNA during undergrad to now having massaged thousands of  clients in a spa setting, over the years Ive developed a true understanding of what it means to be a care provider. More than anything, I am interested in the symbiotic relationship we will nurture together while harmoniously fostering love, support and tender care to your newborn bundle. 


Congratulations Again to You and Your Family!

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Now Operating At
12127 Bellefontaine Rd 
Saint Louis, MO 63136

Due to Covid-19, masks are required for all sessions regardless of vaccination status

Let's Get in Touch!

Tiffany Watson, LMT

Perinatal Doula,

Certified Infant Massage Instructor,

Barefoot Bodyworker, 

Reiki Practitioner,

CPR/Infant CPR Certified

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